Why is book reading important in our lives?

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Let’s rephrase the question Is reading books important in our life?

It’s being few years that I’ve started my journey of being a Bibliophile. My love for books has grown over time. The more books I read, my point of view changes towards things. I started looking at both sides of the coins. Every situation that we go through has different views or prospect to it.

Good and Bad, as we know it, thought by our parents, they are a part of us, they walk side by side to each other in every situation.

So why do we think that not reading books is bad or reading books is good?

I always thought that whatever knowledge you would gain is only through books. The more you read the wiser and stronger you get which is so true (view of a classic book-reader). Guess what!!! That is not necessary anymore in this new modern age.

There are other means of improvising yourself too. When you can find people who always indulge themselves in reading, you will also find people who are opposite of your imagination. There don’t like reading.

Different People Different Perspectives.

In our life, we meet different people. Each one has an unique personality that makes them different from each other. Some might teach you something valuable. But to like depends on your choice. That’s the power of free will which we all process.

So the choice of reading books or not depends upon you. Many people don’t like to read at all. Doesn’t that make you wonder how do these people gather their information from?

To write this article, I thought to take the help of my best friend who happens to be an anti-bibliophile (that is the best name I could come up with for him). He just hates reading. I asked him, “What is python? And how did you learn about it?”(for my readers I’m talking about a programming language Python, not about the animal python)

He answered very simply which he always does, “I like watching youtube to learn or to find the answers to these technical issues and some other tricks that my friend thought me. This is the way I learn and reading books goes from above my head.”

Hate books reading

This made me wonder, now we are in such an era, where there are several ways to find information that you need. Such as Youtube, where you can find many videos which help you resolve your issues, or to learn something new.

My Experience

In my opinion, reading books does help you a lot. As you come across new vocabulary your brain starts working in a new direction to know more about the word. Because this is the way I learn and improved my vocabulary.

Your choice might be different.

But this doesn’t mean that people who don’t like reading books don’t process the right knowledge, there learn things differently with the help of visualization. That’s their way of grasp knowledge

So if are you reading books or not, it doesn’t matters, your perspective matters.

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