Which is better audiobook or books?

There is this trending question on Quora, which is better audiobook (new technology) or Paperback (old tradition).
Everyone has their own choices. Some prefer new and likes to be update from time to time. Some like the old traditional ways. This is what makes us different from each other. We should respect those choices.

Technology is good, when it used for betterment of one’s life. We are surrounded with technology everywhere we go. I don’t have to mention them, we already know about it.


They were a time, when readers like us pack 2 to 3 books in our travelling bags. No matter how heavy our bags are, books are always stored properly into our bag. Then we were introduced with the ebooks /Kindle which changed our style. Just carry a Kindle and you are all set to go. Thousands of books, internet or wifi connectivity, what else would you wish for!!

Now, people are mesmerized by Audiobook. We see the ads everywhere, in TV on social media etc. We are captivated with the phrase “Im listening a book”, “now books can talk”. As mesmerized we are with the phrase, it’s as exciting to listen to a book. The excitement doesn’t stop here. When you actually hear an audio, the feeling is amazing. The thought of reading a book is more stylish than ever.

My Thoughts

As, we are advancing into a new era, does old traditional ways should be discarded? I might be one of the fewer people who still love the feel of paper in between their fingers. I even ended up with an argument with my friends, that it’s a high time that I should buy a Kindle instead of buying books. Many trees are cut off to create papers. That’s true, I totally agree with this statement. My counter argument for this statement is what if my Kindle runs out of power or network connectivity? How am I supposed to read? What if it fell and breaks? The argument is tough and endless.

Let’s make our own choice, instead of making vote or comparing the arguments. What I feel is there shouldn’t be any comparison for this. Whatever, tech you are using whether it’s a Kindle or audiobook or just a simple book. There all are perfect on their own grounds. All I want to say is, try new things in your life, have new experiences, you might like it or you may not. Make your decision on your own experiences.

Happy Reading!!!

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