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About the Author

“An Unforgettable Holiday” is Nisha Mohan’s first debut novel. She is a Human Resources Professional, but she has a deep passion for writing. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Relations and Economics from Jyoti Nivas College in 2005 and subsequently went on to complete her PGDHRM from Symbiosis, Pune.

My Thoughts

First love/ Crush

Ahh!! Who can ever forget about the first love/ crush! The secret staring. Your heart skipping a beat whenever your crush is around you; getting nervous when you crush talks to you; and you wouldn’t help yourself from jumping with joy. Some days you feel sad, if you don’t see them, it feels as if the world around you as lost its color. You dress only to impress your crush, just one look; it brightens your whole day.

When your friends know about your crush, then it’s like a cherry on the cake. They act so stupid and make you look like a fool in front of your crush; it’s like the world has come to an end.

Some love stories takes a flight to its destination but some love stories end up somewhere down the lane.

But still whenever you think about those memories, it still manages to bring that naughty smile on your face.

Goa the most popular tourism state of India

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One of the biggest tourist attractions in Goa is water sports. Beaches like Baga and Calangute offer jet-skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides, water scooter rides, and more. Patnem beach in Palolem stood third in CNN Travel’s Top 20 Beaches in Asia.

The storyline

It’s a love-triangle between Tania, Aarav and Dhurv. Rumor is Aarav has a girlfriend, which create a love-hate relationship between Tania and Aarav. Mia, Tania’s best friend, introduces Dhurv to Tania. Dhurv is sweet, friendly and a gentleman. He being friends with Tania bring a turning point in the story. All the adventure takes place in Goa to spear up the romance.

What I like about the Novel

As you go on with the story, the love-hate relationship of Tania and Aarav creates the cutest image of both the characters in the readers mind. You just can’t wait, when cupid could shower his arrow on these two. I just wouldn’t stop smiling on the cuteness of Mia, Tania and Aarav.

Dhurv’s entry just sets the stage on fire. Sometimes it feels like Tania is better off with Dhurv rather than Aarav. You just hate when Aarav is being secretive with Tania. Why Aarav hides his feeling for Tania.

But as the storyline goes on, the romantic holiday takes a twist with a life threatening event. I found Tania, growing up with the story. In the start, you find Tania to be bubbly, stylist and delicate, but in tough time, you see a different side of her. You find her to be strong and full of courage during the difficult times.

The Characters in the Novel

All the characters are cute and bold. Each has a unique personality of its own. Tania the love struck beautiful, who is confused between Aarav and Dhurv. Aarav, the handsome hunk, who every girl hearts for.

Mia, the best friend that every girl wishes for; a friend without judgements, she doesn’t blink to speak up her mind out. She even cares about you like a sister.

Dhurv, the handsome gentleman, sweet and innocent man.

Every character played their role beautifully, that would mesmerize the reader till the end of the novel.

My Review

The Author Nisha Mohan has truly did astounding job. An Unforgettable Holiday is a funny, naughty, sad and heartwarming, but also shows the positive attitude towards life.

About the Novel

Tania cute and beautiful. Working in the Bangalore, who has a crush on Aarav. But Aarav has a girlfriend, but he is secretly in love with Tania, but his fails to express his love to her.

Mia, Tania’s bestie introduce Dhurv to her in a party. Soon a love-triangle in form between Aarav, Tania and Dhurv. Tania likes Dhurv but her heart still beats for Aarav.

Dhurv surprise Tania and her friends for holiday trip in Goa. He even invites Aarav and his special friend Olivia.
Soon their romantic holiday turns into a nightmare from hell that will change their life forever.

Will Aarav confess his love to Tania?
Whom will Tania fall in love with Dhurv or Aarav?
Come join the Unforgettable Holiday- What happens when love has no boundaries.

Happy Reading!!!

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