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The Wedding – Nicholas Sparks

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About the Author

Nicholas Charles Sparks is an American Novelist, screenwriter and philanthropist. He has published twenty one novels and two non-fiction books, all of which has been New York Times bestsellers, ith over 115 million copies sold worldwide in more than 50 languages. Most of his novels has been adapted into movies, his most appreciated movies is the “The Notebook” with a cumulative domestic box office totalling more than $574M. The Wedding is the sequel to the famous heart warming romantic movie “The Notebook”.

My Thoughts


The Wedding is the sequel to the famous heart warming romantic movie “The Notebook”. Romance is something that everyone hopes and dreams about their life partner. Those candle light dinners, romantic dances, roses or bouquets on valentines day or receiving gifts without any reason we all dream for such romantic days. In early stages of our affair and marriage we do remove time for such occasions as it’s a new phrase in our life. The excitement to know each others habit and likes and dislikes


But as the time passes into years, we enter into the next phrase of our life that is the parenthood. Our whole life starts revolving around our kids. As a parent we run in a race of giving a good, no a better… livelihood for our family. Parent work harder and harder only that the kids would have a better life. Sometimes our parent had to work late or tour due to company work for days or miss out special days like birthdays, graduation day or any festivals, so that the family would have better and bright future. Slowly and gradually the time passes, the romance is not gone but lost somewhere down the lane. In all these race to survival, we create are distance between each other and still try to hold on to each other some how.


Kids wont be around us are whole life, they grow up, they will start living their own life, they will have their own dreams and amibitions to achieve. That time as a parent we realise the things that we miss, the feel which was lost somewhere down the lane in the race of better life. Now when you are getting free from your responsibility, start living out those moments which you lose.

Remember when you use to get dressed up for the dates for your partner. Going out for movies or dinners. Or just go for a long drive or enjoy the cup of coffee watching the rain. Dance on your favourite song. Shy!!! that the kids will see and laugh at your, forget it. Grab the moment, cherish every minute that you spend with each other, life is too short to waste on complains. As said in one of the movies of Nicholas Sparks “when you live too long and you start loosing the ones you love, you start cherishing the moments that you have.”

About the Novel

The Wedding is the sequel to the box office success “The Notebook”. The story revolves around Jane and Wilson. Jane is Allie and Noah’s daughter and Wilson is their son-in-law. Jane is a very understandable woman, which Wilson admires alot, but a distances has grown between them, as Jane as been busy taking care of their kids and Wilson was been build up a better livelihood for his family. As their daughter is getting married, Wilson would feel the distance the growing between him and Jane, and that making Wilson wonder does Jane till loves him? Is love still enough to fight for?

My Review

If you loved the movie or the novel “The Notebook”. This novel will surely touch your heart. This novel shares the true feelings of a married couples.

I dedicate this post to the two most beautiful couples of my life. First my Dad and Mom. Second is my sister Regina and my brother-in-law Lawernce. They showed me, life can be more beautiful after marriage, with understanding and sharing the problems that you have. Thank you.

Happy Reading!!!

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