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About the Author

The Last song is 2009 novel by American author Nicholas Sparks. This is the fourteenth published novel and it was specifically written as the basis for the film adaptation with the same name. It was released on September 1, 2009 by Grand Central Publishing.

My Thoughts

“Nothing stays forever”, we have come across this phrase a thousand times. Your family, parents, relatives, friends, pets, good and bad phrases in your life everything keeps on changing. Today you are happy about something, may be the next moment will shock you to your core and change your life completely. This is how life goes on?

Broken Families

Many of us have a great life and an awesome family. We enjoy with our family, share our happy and sorrows together. Stand-up for each other in times of turbulence. But they are many unfortunate ones in the groups too.

There are some families that may look happy together, but when you go closer you can see the loneliness and distance between them. Many incomplete families like Parent with no kids, kids with no parents, Single parents, divorcee parents. No one can imagine the emotional impact that it has on everyone.


When we talk about teens, the first thing that comes in our minds is “complicated”. Teens and teenage life is filled with complications. In this age, kids are confused about everything like studies, career, love, friendship, siblings and many other things in their life. Parents are the one subject that they never understand. The same thing goes around with Parents too, who doesn’t know why their kids lash out ?

Things become more complicated, when they have divorced Parent. You can’t blame the kids, sometimes things get complicated between the adult, which is difficult for the kids to understand.

But who is to blame for this? If your kids are angry and hates you for this; who’s responsible for it?


As a Parent we try everything possible for their kids. They work hard, so that their kids would have better life and future. This is not possible with everyone. Sometimes, things get out of hand, relationship breaks, reason would be many. We humans complicate things so much, that we end up hurting people that we love and we start hating each other. “We are humans, we make mistakes, but we forgive and move on”. Sometimes the best way to keep people together is to go away. Parents try to take the best decision, for their kids. They get separated; so that their kids don’t have to see their parents fight constantly.

But still the question remains, what impact or trauma will it causes in the minds of a kids?

The storyline


This is a story about Veronica “Ronnie” Miller. She is a stubborn, arrogant and blunt teenager. She has so much hate inside her, which can be pretty irritating in the story sometime. But some where I feel isn’t it justified!! Why shouldn’t she lash out! She has the rights to show her anger, doesn’t she? Her parents are divorced which has torn her apart.

But as the story processes you find her soft side again, which was hidden from everyone. Since, she fall in love with Will, things starts getting better between her and her father. But she releases it’s too late.


The most cutest and adorable brother ever!!!. You will just fall in love with Jonna. Sometimes he is irritating, annoying and robs his sister out for allowances. All siblings are meant to torture your soul, what you think? What’s awesome about Jonna is when Ronnie needs a dress for a wedding; he just gave his complete life savings(sounds cute) to Ronnie for the dress. Dame! This boy is so cute.


Smart, handsome and rich guy. Every girl in Wilmington desires him as a boyfriend. Will, seem to be very obedient and down to earth fellow. He always stands up for his friends no matter what. He instantly falls in love with Ronnie when he first met her on the beach. Though Ronnie pushes him away, Will always finds his way back to her. Will’s family has a problem which they cover up behind their fake smile and status. All this doesn’t break Will, he finds his happiness in Ronnie.


Steve Miller, Ronnie’s father. He doesn’t like to share his problem, but he loves his family a lot, then what would be the reason to leave his family? This question rises as you progress in the story. Steve Miller, Ronnie’s father. He doesn’t like to share his problem, but he loves his family a lot, then what would be the reason to leave his family? This question rises as you progress in the story. As a parent we try to protect our kids from all bad things. Sometimes we have to take certain steps; we might end up hurting our beloved ones.

My Review

A good book for young teens. Nicholas Sparks has done it again. He is just awesome.

About the Novel

Seventeen years old Veronica “Ronnie” Miller’s life was turned upside down when her parents gets divorced and her father moved from New York to Wilmington, North Carolina. Three years later, she remains angry and alienated from her parents especially her father… Until her Mother decides it would be in everyone’s best interest if she spent the summer in Wilmington with her Father. Ronnie’s father is a former concert pianist and teacher, is living a quiet life in the beach town, immersed in creating work of art that will become the centerpiece of a local church.

Happy Reading !!!

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