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Somebody’s Baby – By Charlotte Vale-Allen

Somebody's baby front cover

About the Author

Charlotte Vale-Allen is a writer of contemporary fiction. She lived in the United Kingdom from 1961 to 1964 working as a singer and actress. She emigrated to the United States following a brief return to Canada. After marrying Walter Bateman Allen Jr. in 1970, she moved to Connecticut where she has lived since. Somebody’s baby was originally published in 1995 which is a physiological fiction.

My Thoughts

Your Greed and lies

Greed. Greed has different meaning in everyone’s life. A greed can make you do thinks beyond your imagination. Greed comes into your life with different purpose, it has many forms such as greed for money, status, better jobs, better lifestyle or greed for a baby of your own.

Our desperation makes us do things, that we dont want to or sometimes we do things intensionally for self satisfaction no matter the consequences. As human being sometimes we lie for good, a lie that doesn’t harm anyone. And sometimes we lie for our benefit or to safe ourself. Our greed makes us lie and we lie to fulfill your greed. Does your greed and lie has any limits?

How far can you go to hide a lie to fulfill your greed?

As our story revolves around, a baby. A couple walks on the path of parenthood when they get their little bundle of joy. A mother nurture her baby in her womb for 9 months and the father nurtures them both by protecting them from any harms. Then the days arrives when the first glance of the baby makes them the most proud and joyfull parent in the world. All the pain and suffering of the mother vanishes by the first soft touch of the baby and the all the intense waiting for hours, and silent prays of the father are truly answered, when he first holds on to his baby. All the overwhelming joy flows down into tears. But what happened when someone takes all this away from you?

Being childness

Not all the couple in the world are blessed with a gift of a child. They try to undergo all the possible means for having a child from their own fresh and blood. But are left heart broken. Some stand up again and walk through the part of life without a child but they are some who give up and scatter themself from each other and then walk away. The desire for a having a child turns into a greed that penetrate so deep in the heart. That we only hunt for our happiness and nothing else matters.

The trauma of loosing your child

All though you do everything right, but one strike of unluck, and your world is scattered into pieces. All you can think is about the alternative things that you would have done to protect your baby. A lost of child is always hard in a parents life. Some people in their greed don’t understand the pain that they strikes to a parent heart. But in all this chaos what happen to the child who will be the center of the story?

The impact of truth

What about the person whose world is shaken by the words that he or she doesn’t belong to them. The feeling of belonging changed by just a few words. Your whole existence is challenged just by the few words. Your greed and your lies destroyed a whole family. In the end is it worth all this. Is your blind greed and lie so important than the life of others who are affected because of it.

My Review

As you go on reading, you actually connect with the Character Snow Devane. The book chains you till the end of the novel, and make to think of an alternate end.

About the Novel

this story is about Snow Devane is shocked to discover that the women she believed to be her mother is an imposter and that she has been stolen from a supermarket when she was just 7 months old. Her whole life is scattered. This takes Snow on a journey in search of her real self. Will Snow be able to find who her real parents are? Who the imposter really is?
Come and join the quest of Snow Devane in uncovering the true and her actual identity.

Happy Reading!!!

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