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Roman Diary Journal of a Young Slave – Richard Platt IIustrated by David Parkin

Roman Dairy - Richard Platt Front cover

About the Author

A good book for kids “Roman Diary Journal of a Young Slave – Richard Platt IIustrated by David Parkin” Richard Platt is a British writer of nonfiction and information books and multimedia works, primarily for children. By 1992 he had begun writing non-fiction books for children. He won the annual Blue Peter Book Award in category Best Book with Facts and Chris Riddell his co-author won the annual Kate Greenaway Medal for children’s book illustration, the first “information book” to win since 1975.

My Thought

Child exploitation in Roman Era

If your kids are above 7 years old than this will be the good to start as a reading practise with good information and attractive pictures.

This book is not bedtime story book. It doesn’t have any fairytale, but it shows how kids were sold and exploited in the Roman era. Too early for your kids to understand about exploitation !!! Now-a-days kids are getting matured more than their age, through television, youtube and other social media plathforms.

As a parent we try to protect our kids to the best of our abilities, but we can’t protect them from everything. Life is not always easy and cheerful, it does have it own lessons to teach.

Being a parent we can prepare our kids to face the challenges that they come across. Keep in mind that they learn to enjoy and even encourage their own decision making abilities.

we read this book, we understand what kind of problems a kid faces when their fairytale world is scattered. Some kids break up emotionally and physically, some kids face it and because of their divine and strong heart, they do come out of their difficult suitation.

Some good lesson for your kids

Their are some good point also that teaches your kids such as protest against the person who physically abuses you. As a parent, please listen to your kids. When they come across such suitation, please your kids to fight against such people. Instead of shutting them up to protecting your family prestige.

Your kids should learn to protect themself from such kind to people and for parents – stand up for your kids. Second thing that your kids learn is patiences, wisdom and kindness.

Such story helps them to understand that every good deeds that they do for others, it does payoff in some mysterious ways.

I can say a good book can teach your kids good behaviours and they can even have a good command on their vocabulary, which might make them out shine others.

My Review

The book discuss about child exploitation which is a problem in our society even today. This book needs a parent guidance while your kid is reading this book. This book also has some true facts and information that is good for your kids general knowledge.

About the Book

The books talks about the life of a slave girl name Iliona from Eygpt. Iliona and her brother who was captured and solded by the pirates to the Roman associates to work for their master in Rome. Iliona learns about Roman culture and slavery life in Roman. Her brother is separated from her and he is made to work as boy slave in their masters farm faraway from Iliona. There she learns that if she saves enough money then she can buy her and her brother’s freedom. Then the fate takes a different turn that surprises Iliona and changes her course of life in Roman.

This books has all the information for the Roman civilization and how was the life of the slaves in Roman which is true fact.

Some other important facts on Roman culture protriat by Richard Platt with correct dates which might help our kids in future and they can increase their interest in books.

Happy Reading !!!

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