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Precious Gift – Danielle Steel

Precious Gift - Danielle Steel

About The Author Danielle Steel

Let’s talk about the book which show a different side of life, when you think that you have lived your life and fulfilled all our responsibilities as a single parent. Lets talk about the book “Precious Gift” -By Danielle Steel. She is one of the bestselling fiction authors of all times. She has written 185 books, including over 141 novels. Her style of writing is fairly consistent, her storyline usually revolves around the rich families facing crisis threatened by dark elements such as prison, fraud, blackmail and suicide.

About My Thoughts / Review

Life is not that sweet when you are a single parent and specially when you are a women. You try to give your best to your family and are willing to protect them at any cost. As a single parent your whole world is about your kids and when you have a girl it’s like to have a best friend forever. Working hard for day and night only to see that your kids are happy and fulfilled. Some days are great, some days are like living in a hell, you cry and pray to end all these suffering. But at the end you come out more stronger and determine than any women in this world. One thing what I felt reading this novel is, what happens when all these responsibilities are over? What if love finds it way back in your life? Are you ready to except it?

Kids won’t be around their parent their whole life. They grow up and they have their own achievements. That an award a parent embraces and they are proud of it. But life won’t stop there. Life will go on. What if life finds a way to make you smile again? I find kids more protective when they have a single parent, and this over protection often causes problems. And why won’t they be? that the only precious gift they have. Kids should protect their parent as they have protected you their entire life. All I want to say, if life makes you smile don’t run away, embrace it.

About the Novel

This book is about a devoted mother Veronique Parker who has dedicated her entire life for her three daughters since before and after her divorce. Her life changes when her ex-husband dies suddenly and leaves them with a astonishing inheritances, a mysterious painting, a chateau in South of France and freedom to pursue their dreams and a shocking revelation from the past.

The Precious gift left by him will take them on a jounery that will change Veronique and her daughters destinies in a most surprising way.

Precious Gift – Danielle Steel novel will take you on a jounrey of Love, Hope, new relationships and the power to achieve dreams.

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I like to dedicate this post to the two women who is the strongest of all the women that I came across my life. You both helped me during my troubleful days to the best of your abilities. Thank you so much Pinky (my elder sister) and Pradiya Di for being the strongest rebellion during of the oddest phrase of my life.
Happy Reading!!!

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