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About the Author

Jacqueline Jill Collins (4 October 1937 – 19 September 2015) was an English romance novelist. One of the greatest female novelist I ever came across in my journey of being a bibliophile. Collins had begun many works of fiction but abandoned them, and only completed her first novel after being persuaded to do so by her second husband Oscar Lerman. “You’re a storyteller”, he told her. After the publication of her first novel The World is Full of Married Men, romantic novelist Barbara Cartland called the book “nasty, filthy and disgusting”, and charged Collins with “creating every pervert in Britain”. The book was banned in Australia and South Africa, but the scandal bolstered sales in the United States and the UK.

My Thoughts

Myths about Rich and Celebrities

A common thought about middle and lower class people is “Rich people has it all.” They have everything in life, a secured future, luxurious life, happiness, money etc, you name it they have it. They enjoy all the latest technologies, their kids go to the best schools and colleges. There is no such dreams that they can’t achieve. We love to follow them on social media and TV. We even like to know about their lifestyle. Somewhere round the corner, we wish a life like them. We are always charmed by their way of living. They don’t struggle like we common people do, this is what we think. But who knows what really goes on behind the sunproof glass of those tall buildings?

Real Facts

Through the novel Lethal Seduction is a fictional story, it does disclose some real facts about the life the richest and the celebrities. Some people aren’t born rich; they have gone a lot of struggle and pain, to be where they are today. But there are some people who actually are born with the silver spoon. There are born with all the luxuries, who don’t know what pain, failure is and struggle means. These people have a misconception that they are the superior being of the society and others are merely exists front of them.

Certain families that has a very strong significance in the society, they have being seen together in lots of special events, but they are together just for flame and publicity.

The bondage between isn’t strong enough. There are cheating spouse, some have a mistress to give them company whenever they like, broken families, hidden dirty desires.

Nothing seems real in their life. It’s all about money and flame.

Is it that the more higher you get, the more lonelier you become?

My Review

Jackie Collins is the best. Lethal Seduction discloses about the dark side of the high class society. She is bold and blunt in her words that making the novel more interesting to read.

About the Novel

The story is about Madison Castelli, the beautiful and street smart heroine of L.A CONNECTIONS. Her ex-lover, who walked out her, is trying to walk back in; her new lover is giving her a hard time; and her father turns out to be a man with deadly secrets.

There is much other character in the novel that plays the different shades of the high class society. Lethal Seduction is pack with all the intrigue and glamour fans have come to expect from Jackie’s novels. This deliciously uninhibited tale of cover-ups, deception, and mob involvement finds Jackie Collins at the height of her creative powers as the diverse group of characters takes an exhilarating walk on the wild side, where nothing is ever exactly as it seems, and danger is all around.
Lethal Seduction will seduce you all the way…

Happy Reading!!!
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