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Hardy Boys – The Tower Treasure

Hardy Boys The Tower Treasure – Franklin. W. Dixon front cover

About the Author

Franklin. W. Dixon is the pen name used by a variety of different authors (Charles Leslie Mefarlane, a Canadian author being the first) who wrote ‘The Hardy Boys’ novels for the Stratemeyer Syndicate as well as for the Ted Scott Flying stories series published by Grosset & Dunlap.

My Thoughts

The action-adventure of two brothers, Joe and Frank Hardy. Together they solve mystery by their efficiency and intelligence and also with the help of their friends and family. It’s a good book for kids and teenagers to spend their time in vacations. All the series of Hardy Boys has good mysterious stories that would captivates you for hours. Young, intelligent and full of enthusiasm, the Hardy boys are always ready to solve crimes and mystery.

The Storyline

The mystery starts with a missing car of Chet who friends with Joe and Frank Hardy, the sons of famous detective Felcon Hardy. On finding Chet’s car The Queen the mystery leads them a stolen jewels and bonds from the Applegate family and Mr. Robinson is wrongly accused for the robbery. It takes great efforts by the Hardy’s and his friends and family to solve this mystery.

What I like about this Novel

This is a good book for teenager to spend their vacation and increase their learning skills and vocabulary. Both the brothers Joe and Frank are very intelligent, brave and enthusiast. They don’t easily give up on things.
While reading, the author focus on one thing, which I liked a lot, he never made the characters ignore their academic studies and sport activities, kids should have passion and hobbies, but you should never ignore your studies for your hobbies.
Hobbies help you to release your stress and fresh up your mind. But good education helps you to be a better person in the future, so that you can help the needful in your society.

About the character

Joe and Frank Hardy

The hero of the Bayport on Barmet Bay. The sons of Felcon and Laura Hardy. Their friends, family and the people of Bayport trust and admire the hardy boys. All up to solve any mystery that comes their way, but also equally attend their academic studies, sport and school for their bright future. They love their passion for the solving mystery but they don’t ignore they books either. They always stand up for truth and justice and during their hardy times they don’t give up.

Felcon and Laura Hardy

Mr. Felcon Hardy the famous detective of Bayport. You can see the passion in Joe and Frank to solve mystery like their father. Both parents are very supportive for their kids. They know that their kids are very responsible and helpful. They don’t suppress their passion instead they encourage their kids to chase their passion. Something that every parents should learn, they should support their kids passion as their support them for their education.

About the Novel

The Tower Treasure: When the Hardy’s neighbor is robbed, Frank and Joe’s father enlist their help in solving the case. It’s the Hardy Boys mystery that started it all!

The Secret of the Old Mill: Frank and Joe have two mysteries to unravel a counterfeiting case and a national security case that their father is working on. Will they be able to tie up all the loose ends?

The Haunted Fort: Frank and Joe and friend Chet search for two stolen paintings in an old fort said to be inhabited by a ghost. Can they survive the dangerous traps and treats and find the paintings?

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