Gondwana Chronicles Part 1- The Genius of Indraprastha

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About The Author

HARSHWARDHAN PADOLE is an author of the famous book series titled ‘Gondwana Chronicles’. The first book of the series -‘The Genius of Indraprastha’, is an instant hit featuring in various platforms as a best seller in the historical mythological fiction genre. Along with a deep love for travelling and adventure trekking, he has a keen interest in mythological, historical and philosophical origins of Indian Subcontinent. The Genius of Indraprastha is his debut book inspired from his understanding of India’s cultural history and Indian epics. He is a passionate reader of fiction works and biographies and considers J. K. Rowling, Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer and Amish Tripathi as his writing mentors.

My Thoughts

I am kind of excited for this novel, not because this is my first novel review, gifted by Mr. Harshwardhan Padole. I was excited, that I’m the part of the first edition copy of this novel. To be honest I’m not much fan to Indie Authors. After reading the books of Devdutt Pattnaik and Harshwardhan Padole I have increase my interest and acceptation for Indie Authors.

The Ancient Subcontinent Gondwana

Gondwana, this subcontinent is found in some portion of Indian states like Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra states.

The people of Gondwana are known as Gonds. A group of Dravidian-speaking peoples exceeding three million in population, who are among the officially designated Scheduled Tribes.

The Gonds were first mentioned in 14th-century Muslim chronicles. From the 14th to the 18th century the area was held by powerful Gond dynasties, which during Mughal times remained independent.

Many Gonds took refuge in relatively inaccessible highlands and became tribal raiders. Between 1818 and 1853 the greater part of the region passed to the British, although in some minor states the Gond rajas continued to rule until Indian independence in 1947.

The Storyline

The storyline is based on Vedic era (late Bronze age and early Iron Age), the bloodlines of the epic battle survivors of Ramyana and Mahabharata. There are five native tribes of Aryans, Vaishyas, Garudas, Waanars and Asura who are live and work together in harmony. Each tribe belongs to specific elements, qualities, characteristics and behaviour. Foreign forces called Khidmatagars has attacked thier motherland. That’s just one part of the story.

What I like about the novel

Padole ji is a vision breaker. As we all know and saw the famous and trending series of the 90’s Ramyana and Mahabharata. We are so skeptical about the flying rath (carriage) of Ravana. The archery abilities of Arjuna, where one arrow turns into thousand or ten thousand arrows on reaching its destination. Weapons with elemental powers to cause massive destructions. Sometimes I use to wonder how a man would possess such great power or magic?

His storyline of “The Genius of Indraprastha ” broke that vision in my mind. His characters didn’t do mind blowing magic, instead he portrait those visions into technologies. What an art of capturing the thoughts of the readers. It’s even seems logical too! These ancient magic are the technological advancement that our ancestors already invented, but lost in time. The same technologies that we are rebuilding for our protection.

The Characters in the Novel

The second most shackling point of this novel is the characters. In the start of the story the characters introduce are young full life and enthusiasm. Their bubbly nature gives a smile on your face. The young fighting spirit and love for their motherland. As the story advances, more strong characters have been introduced. Their fighting skills, bravery and attitude and patriotism create a strong impact in your thoughts. It’s not only the heroes of Indraprastha but even the Villains have an equal impression on you. The Author has really worked on the visualization of these characters.

My Review

This book will shackle you till the end of the novel and make you hungrier for the next part of the War of the Indraprastha.

About the Novel

Is the rich Aryan past myth or history?
If it is history what happened to the rich technological heritage of the Mahabharata times?
Long ago, five native tribes of Aryans, Vaishyas, Garudas, Waanars amd Asuras lived together in harmony at Gondwana. Things changed when a foreign force of Khidmatgars attacked Gondwana. Slowly there started capturing the lands of Gondwana and killing many people from all tribes. The Commander possess the silver chest that is very scared and important heritage of the Gondwana. What’s inside the Silver Chest? What power does it hold? How many more sacrifices?

Happy Reading!!!

Eagerly waiting for the next chapter of the epic battle of “Gondwana Chronicles Book 1 – The Genius of Indraprastha”

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