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EBooks and Audiobook are being preferred by many, but the love for paperback never faded. Why?

We are surrounded by technology everywhere. Technology has been part of our life as long as we all could remember. As we advances to a new era, our technology has also advances we with us. Everyday there are we out breaking equipment and technique introduced to us. Some technology helped saved many lives and some has the ability to destroy billions of life in a blink of an eye.

No matter what outcome we face, we cannot stay away from technology.

Old/Traditional we call it:

There are some of us, who doesn’t like the cutting edge technology. Who still believe in old methods were way better than the modern technology.

Now when we are talking about advances in technology reading books have also advanced with the growing time. Books has changed a lot, the technique of book reading has also changed. But there are people who still love the traditional style that is the paperback. I still count myself in that group.

My Love for Paperback:

My love for books started when I was going through a bad phrase of my life. Books saved me. There saved me from loosing myself. The feel of paper between by fingers, the feel is amazing. Every turn of a page makes me excited to know more about the story. Every character that i silently play in my mind showers different shades in my life. The end always makes me wonder a different outcome in my mind. Every new book makes me more happy to explore new stories.

I don’t have much collections but i love all my books no matter what my choice are. But there have been increasing in passing years.

No matter how advanced the technique and technology gets, I still love the feel of paperbacks and I wont never stop reading books.

Modern/ Latest Technology as we know it:

As i said, i love paperback but i also like to flow with modern and latest techniques of book reading. I have written post on kindle/Audiobooks in the my blog and shared my experiences. Paperback are my favorite, but reading books on Kindle or listening to Audiobooks has changed my point of view towards new technology.

To be very honest, in the start I too hated Kindle. The felt of the tablet wasn’t as similar to a book, so i gave up. My friends kept pushing me to buy a Kindle but i was very stubborn with my choices.But then i thought to gave it a try, and my experience has been very fruitful since then.

Few days ago, I had a debate with one of my office colleague regarding reading books on Kindle and listening to Audiobooks. He was very kin about his choice for Paperback is better than any technology and i very well respected that. The reason that he gave was genuine, “what if you out somewhere, where there is no mobile or technology available or to say there is no electricity, then what are you going to do?”

The answer is obvious. Nothing.

But I wont deny that technology did help me to continue my passion for reading. To tell you the truth, my last tow years after being married has been financially hard on me. There was a time that I had to think about every small things in my life. I was jobless and even corona hit us hard. My husband supported me in everything, he still does. He never stopped me to chase my passion, but i didn’t want to him to struggle, since we were already going through some financial crises.

I tried finding jobs but as we all know, the pandemic closed all the doors, the stress was taking over me. That was the time I would say, technology helped me. There were sites where i would find old eBooks. Books such as Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Famous five and many other classic novels. These books actually helped me to build up my blog, which helped me reach more audience of different age.

My Experience

Since I started working, i find less time for my reading because of my traveling. But this gap is filled up by Audible. While traveling by train my traditional song listening routine is changed by Audible. Now-a-days I listen to books and I love the feeling of it. I have successfully completed fours books and my experience has been very mesmerizing.

I would like my readers to try Audible for a change. You might like it!!!

As i said in the start, I love Paperback, but I also like new techniques. I wouldn’t like to force my interest and experience on anyone, but I don’t find any harm in welcoming our self with new technology or techniques.

Technology is part of out life and it will always be. So its better to love and embrace the new changes, but it doesn’t mean that the old methods should be discarded. There have their own glory and style which still managed to capture many hearts.

There are many colors to life, you might not know who might shine light on you. So find your own shade of happiness.

A comment from an Author name Ravi Sharma who is a member from a facebook group name Book lovers of India shared his views related to my article.

“Indian readers prefer paperbacks to ebooks. As an author I sell 1 ebook or even less against a sale of 20 of my books. I adopted kindle 8 years ago and after that could not read from a paperback. I found that I could read faster and the many features of kindle – light book, page starting where you left, built in dictionary, totally amazing. But the kindle went bust in 2 years and I had to buy again. I think India being a price sensitive market wont adopt kindle easily.

Besides if you look at the price difference of books between paperback and ebook it is too less to motivate a switch. Ideally a kindle book should be priced one third or half of a paperback as the price to produce it is zero except for an initial cost. But since Amazon holds the content and it wants a lot of profit, things wont change for a long long time. In conclusion ebooks sales are negligible. And it is expensive both for authors and readers and the environment to read paperbacks but they are here to stay in India for a long long time. Unless there is stiff competition in Ebook devices as such”

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