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Castle Diary – Journal of a Young Page- By Richard Platt illustrated by Chris Riddell

Castle Diary Journal of a Young Page Front Cover

About the Author

Richard Platt is the author of more than sixty informative books for young readers, and he also writes for innovative multimedia projects. Castle Diary – Journal of a Young Page is one more dairy series of Richard Platt. Some of his most popular works have been collaborations with illustrator Stephen Biesty on the “Cross-Sections” series. After a failed attempt to forge a career as a photographer, Platt discovered that he had a knack for writing. “I started writing about photography: first magazine articles, then books,” he explained on the Walker Books Web site. “I got a job editing children’s books, then went on to write them.”

Platt has also written several books about inventions. His The Smithsonian Visual Timeline of Inventions, which appeared in 1994, won praise from reviewers for its comprehensiveness. Platt divides the development of technology throughout the ages into five sections, including agriculture, conquest, and communication. The timeline begins at 600,000 BCE, around the time humans likely began using fire, and includes predictions for innovations that may occur in the near future. Cathryn A. Camper, reviewing The Smithsonian Visual Timeline of Inventions for School Library Journal, praised Platt’s skilled use of illustration and text, which the critic felt “teaches a sophisticated form of literacy similar to” that provided with multimedia learning tools—an area in which Platt already had a great deal of writing experience. “Readers will delight in the colorful pictures and the text, which gives just enough information to satisfy curiosity,” opined Voice of Youth Advocates writer Christine Miller.

Honors Awards

Outsanding Science Trade Book designation, National Science Teachers Association and Children’s Book Council, 2004, for Eureka!; Utah Children’s Informational Book Award, 1994, for Incredible Cross Sections; Smarties Silver Medal, 2004, for Pirate Diary.

My Thoughts

Team Work and Management

The story is mainly about team work and management. The responsibilty you learn when you work in a team. What I liked about this book is, though Uncle John has the supreme authority, he treated all the kids equally. All the kids present in the castle including Tobias had to learn the work and responsibilities. The corporate world, management and team work has more importances.

How the things were managed in the olden days?

Mr. Platt has beauitfully illustrated the flow of instruction from one authority to another.

Skills and Studies

Tobias had to learn the different skills in Uncle John’s Castle to be a Page. He is thought about the table manners, the skills to archery, for which he is rewarded gracefully at the end, all the kids were sent to school to learn Latin and Scriptures, to understand about the horses and what are their purposes.

The Tornament

Sport were of great importance in those days. The skills and capabilities of the soldier is tested during the tornament like Saint George’s feast day. They are tested in different stages such as accuracy, strategy, strength and many others.

If any soldier is hurt during the tornament, they except the lose with grace. The spectators gloriously encouraged their favourite soliders. Both the spectators and the soilders respected the true sportmanship.

Enjoyment, Work and Rules

Artist is highly demanded by the Kings and Nobles. They even handsomely rewarded for they art. People would gather in the court to enjoy these great artist and their amazing skills. Feast were also one of the great occassions that people enjoyed in those days. The chefs could display their skills and art in their food which was the eyefull delight for all the guest of the Castle.

The Justice system was also very strict in those days. People had to follow all the rules and regulations of the Castle. This would also set a good examples for the kids, that rules and regulations are important for the Society to fuction smoothly. If any rules are broken, necessary actions are taken against the rule breakers.

The high authority of the Castle made sure that no injustice is done. Justice is served equally to everyone, no matter the status of the person.

My Review

This books teaches responsibility and equality. There are many good examples in this book, thats worth teaching your kids. This book is a good bedtime story for your kids.

About the Book :

A boy name Tobias Burgess is sent to his Uncle’s John Burgess, Baron of Strandborough Castle to be a Page for next twelve month. There he is thought the skills and duties to know to become a squire and even, mayhap, a Knight.

Happy Reading!!!

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