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Book has been a intermediate part of my life and the jounery so far has been very amazing. The purpose of my blog is not only to share the reviews about the books that I read. I want to share the ideas and thought that I feel while reading the book. A book doesn’t not only say a story but also shows you some beautiful and dark phrases of life.

As said by the great Tyrion Lannister (a famous character from the hit TV series Games of Thrones played by Peter Dinklage) Sleep is good, books are Better.

In my personal life and my professional carrier, I came across many friends and colleagues who comes from different family cultures and educational backgrounds. They are very excellent in their fields and their work but when it comes to communication, there always seems some gaps. When ask for some help on improvement, I would always suggest “Reading”. Reading has help me alot. It’s not only the trills of the story but it’s the best and easiest way to improve your communication and also have a good command on your vocabulary too.

The point that I want to put across is Reading is a good habit. A good book enchances your interest. No matter where you are, a book can travel with your everywhere. The more you read, the more you increase your enthusiasm for reading. In time I found books to be my stress buster. As being an IT professional my job demanded stressfull time, talkative clients, complicated system, overwhelmed engineers and a long engrossful day. After leaving the office, that was my time, the time that I spend with my beloved books, a world of my own where the story surrounded me and release me from my stressful day and I would sleep thinking what would happen next.

My passion for books has increased in years. I have come acrossed good writer… NO! Great writers/authors such as Sidney Sheldon, Jackie Collins, Nicholas Sparks, Dianelle Steel and many more. The books written by them have trilled many people. Writing a book takes a great efforts, time and research, because it’s not a easy task to chain up anyone to a book for hours or days.

As I said in the “About Me” page, some books shades different phrases and hope into our life because life doesnt stop due any tragedy or completing any responsibility, it goes on. A book can inspire you or it can even show the ugly or dark side of life. A book can be hilarious or sad sometimes. A good book will always make you think an alternative side though the story has ended. Some books has such a strong characters such as Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Homes, Jack Reacher, Robert Langdon and many more that puts a good and deep impact in your mind thats leave a mark for generations.

In my blog I want to inaugurate such book and share my views and thoughts while reading the book. So go on pick a book that you like and share it with your friends and family and also share your views and suggestion on my blog.

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