About Me

Welcome young readers I’m Nicky Sinha Francis. I started this blog for those who really wants to start reading as a hobby but are confused where to start from. Billions of books to choose from, which makes you easily loose interest. I’m here to help you to boost up your reading hobby.

In my blog you will come across suggestions on books which will interesting, funny and awesome enough to start your hobby. Books are incredible and amazing in itself. Every book is like a silent friend who has something new and exciting stories to share to you. Your books can keep you captive for days, making you visualise what will happen next, what will the character do next. Some books will make you laugh and cry, some will make you think and show the some shades of your own life. A good book also helps you out in enhancing your vocabulary.There have been a moment in everyone’s life where you feel lonely though you are surrounded with people. You wait for a great escape moment, some times you even get such moment, but still you don’t enjoy it because there is nothing to do, just an empty space and you (a famous Hindi phrase ” main aur Meri thanhai”). Books are my great escape what’s yours?.

I have not been a reader in my childhood or teens. Instead I never liked my academic books in school apart from my drawing book. Even the size of the books use to make me crazy. I have been IT professional for 11 years. The liked my job, there was always something new to learn since I work for a telecommunication sector, but still there was something that I was missing. There was a point in my life where I was just around things and people who had less appreciations for me. I was living a dejavu over and over again everyday. Then one day I saw a man selling books in the train, I called him and picked up the most thin looking book in the stock that he was carrying. From there I started a jounery with my new best friend and I havent stopped since then. The collection of my books increased year after year, I got some awesome books and some are boring ones too but I still read them and I’m very much happy and excited about my collection. This makes me more enthusiastic to go on with my passion.

So my young readers I welcome you in the world of amazing fantasy, mystery, adventure and the list goes on, where you will be alway from boredom and you might find your books of your choice or your can even suggest your friends and family.

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